Cat Banter Milestone Cards

The only gift you should ever buy ANY Cat owner... Our Banter Milestone Cards are perfect to capture those moments you want to keep forever!  Just to warn you they're NOT for the easily offended but they make a bloody brilliant gift!!

Card Info
- A6 glossy one sided card - Front is matt for you to write on
- 40 cards related to all funny shit Cats do!
- 350gsm high card
- Finished in a cute box

Cards in pack: 

  • Always whoring about
  • Been a little cunt - still cute though
  • Brought a new cat friend home today, my owners well pissed off
  • Causally licking my own genitals
  • Fuck the scratching post - I want to scratch the sofa
  • I can put my leg over my head and lick my own genitals
  • I cry like a twat until I’m let in and then i sit on the windowsill crying to go back out
  • I fucking hate dogs
  • I Just made the biggest fucking mess I could
  • I like to invade peoples personal space
  • I shit right next to my fucking litter tray
  • I like to watch my owner piss
  • I love bringing dead gifts for my loved ones
  • I love to piss all over the house
  • I make the neighbours think my owner doesn't feed me
  • I spy on the cunty neighbours
  • Ignored my human for hours because I'm a stubborn twat
  • I'm a dirty fucking stop out
  • I'm a selfish twat
  • I'm weird as fuck
  • I've been asleep for 80% of the day
  • I've Been frantically running around the house for the last hour
  • Just been fed by fuck knows who
  • Just coughed up a cunting hairball
  • Licked myself all bastard day
  • Look at how fabulous my feathers are
  • Me fucking ow
  • Moody cunt
  • Off my tits on catnip
  • Planning my next murder
  • Raped by the VET
  • Screamed for breakfast, Ate breakfast, Threw up breakfast, Screamed for breakfast
  • Sniff the litter ... scratch the litter...shit in the bath
  • This bitch keeps me fed
  • This bitch keeps putting me outside
  • Today I stole and ate a whole pack of Dreamies
  • Too posh to go outside
  • Treated like fucking royalty
  • Tuna is my crack
  • Using my human as a cat bed

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