Dog Banter Milestone Cards

The only gift you should ever buy ANY dog owner... Our Banter Milestone Cards are perfect to capture those moments you want to keep forever!  Just to warn you they're NOT for the easily offended but they make a bloody brilliant gift!! 

Card Info
- A6 glossy one sided card - Front is matt for you to write on
- 40 cards related to all funny shit dogs do!
- 350gsm high card
- Packed in a cute box

Cards in pack: 

  • 1 Today motherfuckers
  • 2 today and still cute as fuck
  • 3 years old & still pissing all over the house
  • 4 years old – basically a geriatric
  • 5 today ya bunch of cunts
  • Almost killed the postman today
  • Any single dogs out there?
  • Ate human food today. Got the shits
  • Ate my own shit today
  • Barked nonstop today for no reason
  • Cats are twats
  • Had diarrhoea all over the house today.
  • Had my hair done today mother fuckers
  • Hello cunts
  • Humans are cunts
  • I can lick my own arse hole
  • I fucking hate cats
  • I love dragging my bum hole across the carpet
  • I shall not chew the sofa
  • I shit in the house – still cute though
  • Licked my balls nonstop today
  • Licked the crotch of a pair of pants today
  • Pissed all over the house – Not even sorry
  • Pissed on a pair of shoes today for fun
  • Tried to fuck a human today
  • Tried to kill my neighbour’s cat today
  • Was a little cunt all day today – still cute though
  • You cunts better like this photo
  • Chewed up my bed today 
  • I've just been raped by the VET
  • Hidden all my toys under the sofa 
  • I've made a fucking mess 
  • My breathe smells like arsehole 
  • Ruined the fucking garden again!!
  • Chicken is my crack 
  • I'm a chompy mother fucker when I eat 
  • Got so excited when my human came home I pissed everywhere 
  • My human loves me more than you
  • I fucking love walkies
  • Treated like royalty 

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